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Please let us know if you have a specific type of worksheet you are looking for and we will do our best to bring it into being.

Auditory Drills

Printable word lists to aid in auditory drills that focus on beginning sounds in words.

Auditory Word Lists

Keep your eyes open for up-coming freebies involving auditory drills. Videos are on their way as well.


Memory Game 

DIY printables for making your own classic memory games. Simply print them, cut them out and glue them onto  3″ X 5″ cards or card stock and you are ready to go.

Black and white memory shapes

memory shapes

Animal memory cards are coming you print them on card stock or laminate them and you’re ready to go.



The following two lessons deal with homophones. These can be a problem for any student, but we have come up with creative ways to help trigger a recall of which spelling is used at which time.

there their and they’re

too, two & to

Jennifer and I are currently working on a book that will address several common homophones in addition to the following two lessons we have lessons that will address: (aid, ade and aide), (steel and steal), (flower and flour), and several more.


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