Are You Feeding Your Dyslexic Children What Their Brain Needs? Give Them Healthy Recipes

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 Last week my seventeen year old son came into the kitchen where I was working on dinner. He asked the same question I hear almost everyday,

“What’s for Dinner?”

In fact, I often get asked this right after he eats the last bite of either breakfast or lunch. Shows what’s important to a teenage boy. Anyway, I told him “Chicken and Broccoli”, and his response was, “Yes! broccoli is my new favorite vegetable.”

I can’t begin to tell you what that does to a mom’s heart. Especially when she has been trying very hard to make healthy clean food choices for her family. Transitions from a not so healthy diet to “Clean” eating can be rather traumatic to a child who grew up on less healthy choices, but for me I came to a place where we were all going to take the plunge together. Thankfully, we’ve made it over the difficult hurdles and have settled in to our whole food lifestyle.

Wholesome Kid's Recipe Book

Enter the Wholesome Kid’s Recipe Book

With that all said, last week as I was looking through a website for possible affiliate products I came across a cookbook designed not only with healthy recipes in mind, but also with children in mind. I simply had to get it. I told myself it was because I prefer to use something before I promote it (which is true), but in this case I simply wanted to find some kid friendly wholesome recipes. The title just happened to be THE WHOLESOME KIDS RECIPE BOOK by Kira Westwick, so it was a no-brainer. I don’t know if it is available in a hard copy (you could contact her on her website – there is a link later on in the post), but the price for the e-book was perfect for my budget and I was able to dig into it the day I bought it.

I love instant gratification!

As I started looking through the pages I was delighted to see creative activities for the child and super fun recipes that will keep your child asking for more.

Also, it was nice to find a cookbook that explained why certain food choices should be considered.

My own personal example – Several months ago I had decided to back off from using as much meat and eggs in my cooking in order to be able to afford items that have come from humanely treated animals.I was pleased to see Ms. Westwick, graciously addresses this issue in this book. This is a “health food” book. It isn’t about saving time cooking… It is about training your children to eat well, enjoy it and take responsibility for caring for their bodies and their world.

Ms. Westwick makes a point I heartily agree with when she says,

“At the dinner table we hold the power to shape
the future of our children and our children’s
children, not just in their perceptions of the
world, attitudes and successes, but also
their most important asset—their health!

This idea of family, eating together, shaping their future is a huge part of why we homeschool our children in the first place. I want my kids to not only know how to be caring and productive human beings, but also know how to make choices that will give them the health they need to be doing it with vigor for a very long time.  I believe that, where our children are concerned, we as parents should be the ones who care the most, invest the most time and believe the most in their greatness. To see this awesome cookbook for yourself Click Here!

So why am I endorsing a cookbook on a website about living with people who have dyslexia? Because healthy foods are important for proper brain function. It has been proven that foods like Blueberries, Kale, Oats, almonds, eggs and the list goes on, can actually improve memory and mental health.

Let’s face it we all have to eat, we might as well blueberries-531209_1280strengthen our minds and bodies while we do it. And if our kids can think that a Dinosaur Shake (pg 59 in the book) is super cool and yummy, more power to us. Literally!


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