At Home With Dyslexia – 

I understand…

Have you ever faced that overwhelming moment when you realized your child, your sweet, handsome, smart, funny child had a learning difference ?

And you realized that learning difference would affect him his entire life?

That moment when you have a decision to make on behalf of that child?

I have.


Hi, My name is Robin Liner. I am a wife, mother, veteran homeschooling teacher, songwriter, screenwriter and children’s book author. Several years ago I began realizing that one of my sons (I have five sons and a daughter) just wasn’t catching on to reading. I had been through similar struggles with a couple of my older sons but never to this extent. Since I had a friend who was a reading tutor, I approached her for advice, and thus the journey with dyslexia began.

The more I understood about dyslexia, the more I discovered that a couple of my older sons had mild struggles with it as well.

A few years later a younger son began showing the same signs.

That was what motivated me to learn all that I could to help my dyslexic children.

I became a student of curriculum, games, resources, websites…anything that could better equip me to be able to teach my children what they needed from the security of our home. I knew that no one would work harder for my kids than I would. No one would recognize their strengths like I do. And know one would make sure they don’t fall through the cracks of a deficient system like their mom.


What I didn’t know…

… was that my children, my husband, and I would become so much more as people and students because of this big little thing called dyslexia.

What I know now…

This journey with dyslexia has accomplished many things in our family.

  • It has taught us to be more encouraging.
  • It has made us more disciplined and determined.
  • It has introduced us to an entirely new way of learning (multi-sensory with lots of review).
  • and it has taught us to never judge a book by its cover.

Join me and my family as we share some of the insights we have gained, changes we have made to the way we approach education, and fun we have had as we’ve learned to be At Home With Dyslexia.


Robin Liner

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