Get Your Reluctant Reader Reading: Part 1- Magazines

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There is a special feeling you get when you receive something in the mail…


Aside from bills or junk mail, of course. Birthday cards, letters from pen pals, these brighten the day. When I was a kid, I remember receiving a monthly magazine called Highlights which is still engaging children today. Children’s periodicals may be a good investment to consider for your reluctant reader.



Three Reasons to subscribe to a children’s magazine:

1. Your child will actually look forward to reading them. I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love getting something in the mail with his/her name on it. When the magazine arrives, it immediately stimulates reading—no begging or prodding required.

2. They can be chosen according to your child’s interests: science, princesses, animals, cultural topics, stories, popular movies. There is something for everybody.

3. They often offer other critical thinking activities like games, poems, puzzles, craft ideas. These things keep your child’s mind active while they think they are simply “having fun”.


PQ1-MagByMailHowever, choosing a periodical can be a dilemma…and it is even more tricky when your child has dyslexia. So, here is my suggestion for choosing which magazine to order. Go to your local mega bookstore with your child and let them pick out all of the children’s magazines that they find interesting. Then find a corner or a couch, and you, the parent, narrow the choices down to two or three determined by your child’s preference and reading ability. Of course you can always subscribe to more than one, but if you are only in the market for one then let your child decide which one of those he wants, even if it isn’t the one you thought was the best choice. As a thank you to the store for letting you do this research, buy the magazine. When you get home, find the subscription card (they all have them) and either mail it in or go to their website and make your order.

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to a bookstore there are a few suggestions below to consider. Our choices for magazines may give you a glimpse into what our family likes. We especially like Highlights and all of their products. Cricket is for slightly older readers. I haven’t posted anything for very young readers because I am past that stage, but my children were receiving their own magazines when they were teeny tykes.  These are affiliate links so you would be able to purchase right now.

I also need to give a plug for the FREE Lego Club Magazine. I believe it comes quarterly. All of my boys got this magazine and devoured its comics and articles, and best of all, it won’t cost you a thing. So, especially for boys, start with this. It’s one of the few “no strings attached” FREEBIES!


Getting a struggling or reluctant reader to read can be a challenge, but it may reduce your child’s aversion to reading if the material interests them and comes in the mail with their name on it.

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If you have any favorite children’s magazines, share them with us along with what you like about them and the magazine’s target age so we can follow up with a suggested list of great magazines for children. There are so many new magazines and some are a bit more difficult to find.

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